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Surprise your guests with delicate floral designs

We custom design the styling, decoration and all floral arrangements for your wedding, creating a magical atmosphere with the most special of flowers chosen especially for your big day.

First, at the beginning of every project, the most important thing is to hear your story, to understand the feelings and sensations that you want to convey.

Next, it is very important to keep in mind your personal style, the time of the year and the location where the celebration will take place.

In short, we bring the location to life, ensuring it reflects your personality. With the help of decoration with flowers and natural elements, we will be able to transform the space, giving it a captivating and magical ambience.

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We tell your story while taking care of the essence of the surroundings

Our philosophy is based on customisation and tailor-made designs. We design floral decorations that reflect the essence of you, with the aim of creating an enchanting, magical ambience. We take care of the bouquets, both for the bride and the bridesmaids. We design the banquet centrepieces, flower crowns and of course, the floral styling of the entire space. We take care of every detail to ensure every corner breathes its own special charm, using the creation of special decorative elements such as the couple’s initials or words made with flowers, for example ‘LOVE’. We also decorate marquees or walls with flowers and can even make petal carpets. The creative possibilities are endless!


Your peace of mind is our main objective

We will accompany you throughout the whole process and make sure you fall in love with every detail you choose to ensure your big day is the beginning of a unique and memorable journey.
Finally, I want to remind you that our main objective is your peace of mind and that you will not be alone at any time. You can count on the complete involvement of our team. With special delicacy we will design a floral style capable of transforming any space into a fairy tale.

Floral styling

Make your event unique thanks to exquisite floral details that convey the essence of you.



It was such a surprise!

Lali was delightful. She arrived in Costa Rica on the morning of my wedding day. It was such a surprise! She brought all the details for my sisters, in addition to my crown and bouquet. Everything was perfectly taken care of in detail, thought out with such grace and style. I recommend her for her creativity and for being 100% reliable. Thank you for making everything so easy.

Costa Rica
opinion vera guillem

We are so grateful to Lali!

We had an amazing weekend and without her help it would have been unthinkable. We have such beautiful memories to keep! We had an incredible time and it was a thousand times better than I could have ever imagined.

And thank you for looking after a control-freak bride! Lali is one of a kind!

opinion marc monica

Lali is so attentive

Lali and her team are so professional and adapt to exactly what the client wants without any problems. Excellent organisation, exquisite taste in the putting together of tables, decorations and floral centrepieces. A beautiful job!

Puigcerdá, La Cerdanya
opinion carla damian

Thank you so much!

Thank you for everything you did for our wedding! You understood exactly what we wanted. It was even more beautiful than I had ever dreamed. Thank you so much for organising it with so much love, so much professionalism and so much joy!

Castell Empordà
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Thanks for your professionality and dedication

“Thank you for helping us make such a special day unique, not only for us, but also for our families and friends. We fully trust you at all times, from the choice of our photographer to the floral details of the ceremony. Thanks to your professionalism, dedication and style the result was a success, much better than we could have ever imagined. We loved all the surprises you prepared for us (including a fully customized seating plan). A million thanks!”

Masia Ribas, Gavà, Barcelona
testimoni irene ueli

We trusted her completely

“Lali was that person that you know you can count 100%. We left everything in her hands and she made sure that we could enjoy our day. The best thing about having her by our side is the trust she gave us from the first moment. Lali has an exquisite taste to design weddings and the love she puts in preparing your day is priceless. Thank you Lali, your work and presence was key in our big day. We will always be grateful. ”

Mas Marroch, Girona

La Cerdanya – Barcelona – Empordà – Mallorca